About Us

Our mission is to make home improvements and repairs easy by connecting homeowners with great professionals. Our platform provides professionals free access to jobs and connects homeowners with the best professionals for their jobs.

Helping you take care of your biggest investment

We know, we’re homeowners too. There’s always something that needs to be maintained, spruced-up, or repaired and you don’t always know where to start. Well, we think you should start here.
HomeBees is here to make home improvements and repairs easy.
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Home improvement, repairs and more

HomeBees doesn’t stop at connecting you with qualified professionals. It also automates your home maintenance schedule with the Hive (Coming soon). It helps you keep track of what’s coming up and the best way to get it done. Whether you are a new or experienced homeowner, the Buzz provides articles that are both educational and inspirational.
Taking care of your home has never been easier.